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Airplane Hangars and Why

Airplane storage – Don’t just wing it. Make the Wright choice. 

Steel frame hangars are the gold standard for both personal and commercial aircraft storage. In an honest analysis of cost versus benefit, no material is better suited to protect your aircraft. Fabric hangars may be fairly functional and cheap, but are merely temporary solutions at best, offering little in the way of security or protection. On the other hand, post-and-beam structures just don’t offer enough advantages to offset their steep cost. Steel offers a unique set of advantages that are simply unmatched by other structures; building size, open floor space, fire resistance, wind resistance, weather resistance, durability, load resistance, assembly savings and the flexibility to expand without disturbing interior elements.

Steel hangars are just plane spacious. Mayflower steel buildings are available in any size you need, and boast column-free interiors for spaces up to 200′ wide with unlimited length. That leaves you with plenty of space for a personal fleet of planes, jets and helicopters of any size, unimpeded by posts or beams, with as much extra space as required to fit in workshops, offices, leisure areas and more.

As you’re probably aware, a personal aircraft is a hefty investment. At the very least, you’re paying upwards of $40,000 for just one small aircraft, and that’s before factoring in all of the costs associated with upkeep and operation. The average cost to fly a plane is nearly $200 per hour. This type of investment requires protection. Steel hangars will shield your aircraft from inclement weather, strong winds and even fire. Plus, you’re protected from more common problems, like a damp storage environment or poor security measures.

Mayflower steel buildings are sturdy, durable and fully capable of bearing the weight of any hangar doors you choose. That’s because they rest on a solid foundation of more than 50 years of building experience paired with a 40 year limited warranty protecting your hangar from peeling, flaking and loss of adhesion.

Mayflower steel hangers are also the quicker and more cost-effective choice. They require no caulking for waterproofing due to a smooth, non-crimped steel on the last 9” of panel, allowing the structure to fit together more quickly and easily, saving 30-40% of the time and cost to assemble other less efficient products. Our steel hangars also cut down on maintenance costs because we manufacture them using AZ55, making them less likely to corrode and less likely to be affected by wind and weather.

So if you have aircraft in need of a hangar space, give us a call and talk to an expert at 1-877-363-5726. We’ll create a plan tailored to your needs that fits your budget and gets you up and running in no time.

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