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Steel Building Certifications

To serve you better, Mayflower Steel Buildings continues to stay abreast of the latest codes, standards, research, regulations, and common industry practices in the steel building industry.

All of our products pass rigorous third party testing.

In addition, all of our products have successfully passed rigorous third-party testing of our engineering and manufacturing policies. We also incorporate the Florida Wind Code (structures built to resist 146-mph winds) into our arch and endwalls:

  • FL# 13036.1 Arched Roof Deck Panel (FBC 2010)
  • FL# 11815.1 R2 End Wall Panel 24 x 3.5-18 (FBC 2010)
  • FL# 11815.2 R2 End Wall Panel 24 x 3.5-20 (FBC 2010)
  • FL# 11815.3 R2 End Wall Panel 24 x 3.5-22 (FBC 2010)
  • FL# 11815.4 R2 End Wall Panel 24 x 3.5-23 (FBC 2010)

OSHA SHARP Certification

CSA A660 Certificate

Our facilities are CAN/CSA A660 certified for the manufacture of steel building systems.

Canada CAN/CSA A660 Certification of Steel Building Systems

CSA A660 Certificate

Canadian Welding Bureau CSA W47.1 Certifications

CSA A660 Certificate

CE Mark Certificate of European Union Compliance

European Building Codes

  • BS EN 1991-1-3 Eurocode 1:
    Actions on structures – Part 1-3: General actions – Snow loads
  • BS EN 1991-1-4 Eurocode 1:
    Actions on structures – Part 1-4: General actions – Wind actions
  • BS EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3:
    Design of steel structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
  • BS EN 1993-1-3 Eurocode 3:
    Design of steel structures – Part 1-3: General – Cold formed thin gauge members and sheeting

German Building Codes

  • DIN 1055
    (Applicable Sections)
    Design loads for buildings
  • DIN 18 1800
    (Applicable Sections)
    Steel structures
  • EN 1993-1-3:2006
    Eurocode 3. Design of steel structures. General rules. Supplementary rules for cold-formed members and sheeting.

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