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Do-It-Yourself Steel Design

One of the reasons people choose Mayflower Steel Buildings is how easy it is to assemble and erect a steel building on your own. You won’t find any confusing instructions. And you won’t spend days—or weeks—completing one of our do-it-yourself projects. Most of our steel buildings arrive in kit form and well-illustrated instructions. No special tools or woodworking skills are necessary. In addition, our frame system allows you to easily expand your building to any length to accommodate future needs.

Pour a simple floating foundation

Step One: Pour a simple floating foundation.

Bolt the steel arches together on ground

Step Two: Bolt the steel arches together on ground.

Raise arches into place

Step Three: Raise arches into place.

Install endwalls and doors

Step Four: Install endwalls and doors.

Listen to What Our Customers Are Saying

“We bought the building originally for a warehouse, but its worked out good. For as long as it is and big as it is we can get trucks all the way in and get them out of the weather and work on them.

We put a ventilation system in so we can get plenty of air moving and it makes it real handy for all that.

We got our frack valves, they’re heavy, we keep them in here, store them, come in here and work on them and keeps everything out of the main shop. Works out real well.

And it stays dry, we never had a problem at all with any leaks. It’s been real good for that. Most of our stuff is sensitive to moisture. We obviously don’t want it in the water until we put it there, so it’s been real good for that.

We got tons of room in here. A lot of times we got a lot more material in here than this. It’s easy to maneuver in here. We got plenty of room and we got that one little forklift just for the warehouse.

No maintenance involved really, it’s just been real nice for us. Unlike a wooden structure where you always got maintenance problems, this has been maintenance-free so far.” – Warehouse business owner, Florida.

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