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Store Your Snowmobile

Snowmobile Storage

Snowmobile season is right around the corner. Enthusiasts will soon be pulling their sleds out of storage to prepare for months of fun on the trails. Some, however, may unfortunately find that their off-season preparations from last year were insufficient, and their snowmobiles have corroded, rusted or are now in need of some other costly repairs. That’s why knowing a few simple tips on how to prep your sled for off-season storage is so important. We’ll take you through the best methods of protecting your expensive and beloved snowmobiles through this and every off-season ahead.

First, thoroughly wash your snowmobiles before storage. Months on the trails can result in a heavy buildup of salt and grime that can corrode snowmobiles. Be sure to wash everywhere, including underneath the hood and in the suspension.

Now you can drain the carbs by emptying excess fuel through the float bowl traps.

Next, be sure to add fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas. The proper mixture in a full tank reduces the chance of oxidation in the fuel and helps to prevent condensation, which can result in water getting into the fuel system.

Then, you’ll need to fog the engine. This simply involves adding extra lubricant to prevent corrosion. A simple method here is to pull the oil pump cable, hold it open, and then run the engine for roughly ten minutes. Doing this will push a rich oil mixture all throughout the engine.

Make sure to remove the drive belt. If left on, it can hold condensation in the clutches and cause corrosion. Also be sure to grease the chassis. This will help to keep the suspension and steering working properly. Oil all metal surfaces (not the clutches!) to further assist in preventing corrosion. Block off the exhaust, cooling and air intake holes. Mice and other pests are known to nest in open holes and can chew wiring in the process. And don’t forget to reduce track tension. A track left tight in the off season can crack. Just loosen tension bolts before storage and remember to tighten them again next season.

Finally, you’ll need to decide where to leave snowmobiles for the next several months. A lot of people just leave them parked in the yard or on a trailer covered by a tarp. But outdoor storage like this exposes sleds to moisture, damaging winds, sunlight fading, rainy weather, and nesting animals like birds and rodents. Tarps are known to rip leaving easy access to leaks that cause corrosion and animals looking to make a nice home in the foam of a seat or the warmth of an engine. Plus, you have to worry about the security of leaving expensive toys like these out in the yard to be tampered with or stolen.

Your best bet is to store snowmobiles in a cool, dry place where they can be elevated off the ground. For many people, garage space is unfortunately limited, so this option doesn’t work. But there is a solution. Mayflower steel buildings offer cost-effective and quickly assembled shelter with plenty of space to safely store snowmobiles and any other toys you may have. Inside a steel building, snowmobiles are safe from wind, weather and pests, and they’re secure from passersby. So call us today and let’s discuss a steel building customized to your specific needs.

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