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The A-Model

The A-model steel building, available in widths of 20 to 40 feet with unlimited length, has a slightly slanted wall with a gambrel design, which means that it has a shallow slope beneath a steeper slope on each side of the roof, maximizing vertical space while avoiding too tall of a roof. This steep lower slopes of the design provide excellent sidewall clearance, allowing ample space for workshop benches and storage. The trussless, clearspan roof provides plenty of vertical space, which comes in handy for those using tools like commercial vehicle lifts or for anyone storing RVs or large commercial vehicles. The A-model is built to last, offering optimal structural strength, as our materials ensure a straighter and more precise structure with a minimum yield strength of 55ksi. We consider the A-model building to be our sturdiest arched structure.

The A-model steel building has a 4:12 roof pitch with a slope of 18.5 degrees. In other words, the roof rises 4 inches vertically for every 12 inches of horizontal run space spanning from the edge of the roof to the center line. A 4:12 pitch is considered to be on the low to moderate end of possible slopes. It allows for water runoff and, due to being a metal roof, is useful in regions that get a lot of snow. Typically, a pitch of 6:12 or greater is necessary to shed snow accumulation, but because steel is more smooth and slippery than shingles, snow is able to slide easily from the roof.

A-model steel buildings are fully customizable and easy to erect. They are perfectly fit to be used as garages, workshops, barns, warehouses and residential structures like cabins or camps. Our A-models are manufactured to meet ASTM International Standards and ASCE Building Codes.

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